Steam Summer Sale: Batman Arkham Asylum

Steam Summer Sale: Batman Arkham Asylum
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If you missed out on this one then I really feel sorry for you. Back in 2010 Rocksteady produced what has come to be the quintessential Batman game, Batman Arkham Asylum. Miles and leagues ahead of any other super hero game the gameplay behind Arkham Asylum puts all other previous super hero games to shame.

The storyline revolves around Batman on a night, like many, where Joker has been returned to the Asylum. Yet everything is not all as it seems as the Asylum quickly falls into the Villians hands and it is up to Batman to restore order among the chaos.

Featuring a blend of stealth and action combat this is one game that you if you haven’t played, you’re only hurting yourself, and the while the franchise as a whole is excellent, this is perhaps the best as the game that started it all. In addition, the game features specific challenge missions so whether you enjoy the visceral combat, or the sneaky stealth portions, there’s something to challenge you when the game is done.

Don’t wait though as the flash sale for the Game of the Year edition ends at 10am and  you can pick up this title for a mere $4.99. If you wanted Batman Arkham City as well it is also being flashed right now for $7.49. Get ’em both and be ready for Batman Arkham Origins which is being released later this year.

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