Steam Summer Sale 2017: Indie Watch

Steam Summer Sale 2017: Indie Watch

That’s right everyone: It’s Steam Summer Sale time. That magical time of year where you desperately try to hide your wallet, fail utterly, and end up filling your Steam Library with more games you’ll get around to playing…someday.

Well, it’s our job to add some fantastic indie games to library of unplayed games, and hopefully convince you to actually play them! Throughout the next two weeks we’ll be highlighting fantastic deals and sales on some of the best indie titles out there.

Got a suggestion? Let us know in the comments below!

The Steam Summer Sale begins today, June 22 at 10am PST/1pm EST/6pm BST/7pm EU and ends on Wednesday July 5.


Knee Dee –  60% off – $7.99 – Store Page

Developer: Prologue Games

A surreal murder mystery told from three points of view that’s equal parts stage play, r/floridaman, and Twin Peaks.

Buy It If You Like: Weird Detective Stories, Tell Tale Games, Theater

Read our Review of Knee Deep Here.

Watch our Interview with Developer Wes Platt here.


INVERSUS – 50% off – $7.49 – Store Page

Developer: Hypersect Games

A minimalistic arena shooter that relies on negative space. There’s a massive 1.5 Update coming later this summer, so getting this while it’s cheap is a good idea.

Buy it If You Like: Geometry Wars, Fast Paced Arena Combat, Horde Modes

Read our thoughts on INVERSUS here.

Watch our Interview with Developer Ryan Juckett here.



One Night Stand – 33% off – $2.00 – Store Page

Developer: Games by Kinmoku

A short narrative game about waking up next to someone you remember nothing about.

Buy It If You Like: Groundhog Day, Cool Animation, Well Written Characters, Awkwardness

Read our thoughts on One Night Stand here.

Watch our Interview with Developer Lucy Blundell  here.


Leaving Lyndow – 50% off – $2.00 – Store Page

Developer: Eastshade Studios

A gorgeous game about leaving your home. beautiful setting, amazing soundtrack and a very good sign of things to come with Leaving Lyndow.

Buy It If You Like: Amazing Soundtracks, Short Narrative Experiences, Fantasy World Building

Read our Review of Leaving Lyndow here.

Watch our Interview with Developer Danny Weinbaum here



Darkest Dungeon – 60% off – $9.99 – Store Page

Developer: Red Hook Studios

A phenomenal roguelike game on party management, death and insanity. Seven’s favorite indie of last year, and the DLC expansion, The Crimson Court just released.

Buy It If You Like: Despair, Hopelessness, Human Insignificance

Read our coverage of Darkest Dungeon here.


Jotun – 67% off – $4.94 – Store Page

Developer: Thunder Lotus Games

First of all, Jotun is beautiful. It’s all hand drawn and animated and its gorgeous. The boss battles are challenging in a good way, and, while a short experience, It’s incredibly well crafted.

Buy It If You Like: Norse Mythology, Dark Souls Boss Fights, Hand Drawn Animation

Read our Review of Jotun here.


elaine – 50% off – $0.99 – Store Page

Developer: Slight Super Powers

A superb puzzle game that sneaks up on you and takes you by surprise. Fantastic design and great music.

Buy It If You Like: Puzzle games, simple concepts that are hard to master, colors.

Read Our Review of elaine here.


Spell Casting: Meowgically Enhanced Edition  – 60% off – $2.39 – Store Page

Developer: Gordon Little

A surprisingly funny  line drawing puzzle game involving cats..for some reason. Starts easy, gets VERY complex.

Buy If You Like: Puzzles, Cats, Referential Humor


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