Spotlight: Time Recoil

Spotlight: Time Recoil

Slowing, or manipulating, time is a staple mechanic for tons of games, and a lot of indie games have tackled the trope in a lot of interesting ways, from Braid to SUPERHOT.

Time Recoil, now on Steam Greenlight, takes things in an interesting direction, requiring you to kill to keep time slow, setting up some truly cinematic moments.



Time Recoil is a top-down slow motion shooter by 10tons, the creators of Crimsonland and Neon Chrome. In Time Recoil you’ll kill to slow time, witness top-down Hollywood-style slow motion gunfights, trigger devastating special moves, and travel in time via wormholes!

The pop style of the game works phenomenally well with the game play and bizarre setup. Bright, colorful comic book style graphics mesh perfectly with the slow paced chaos as you run a gun your way through enemies.

The actual mechanic of chaining kills to slow time and unlock abilities seems like it has a ton of potential. I’m interested to see how tactical you may want to be, as the slow down of time also affects your own bullets.

Time Recoil is currently on Steam Greenlight. Check out the page if you’d like more information or are interested in voting for the game.


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