Spotlight: Tesla Vs Lovecraft

Spotlight: Tesla Vs Lovecraft

The uncertainly surrounding Steam’s next step in retiring the Greenlight program really hasn’t slowed down the number of fantastic games making their way to the platform for voting!

After the successful Greenlighting of Time Recoil, 10tons Ltd. is pushing a new game, titled Tesla Vs. Lovecraft, and it appears to be just as fantastic as that title makes it sound:


Tesla vs Lovecraft is an arena shooter inspired by the namesakes. Play as the enigmatic inventor Tesla who is the last bastion of reason against the neverending waves of madness. Harness the static energy to power up your Tesla-Mech and give the Lovecraftian nightmares a lesson in horror!

First, the concept: I didn’t know I wanted a top down arena shooter pitting Nikolai Tesla against H. P. Lovecraft so badly. It’s a perfect mix of completely insane and totally believable that these two eccentric figures would end up opposing each other.

Secondly, the gameplay looks wonderfully fast paced, combing elements of other arena shooter and the quick dashes of games like Mr. Shifty, all portrayed in a pallet of electric blues, and unearthly purples. Tesla is the perfect game-ready protagonist, with so many incredible inventions, it’s not hard to imagine him creating a mech or a Qunatum Teleportation device in a time of dire need.









Tesla Vs Lovecraft is currently on Steam Greenlight, and will be available on SteamXbox One and PS4 upon release.

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