Spotlight: StarFighter Research & Development

Spotlight: StarFighter Research & Development

The game featuring the space ship against waves of enemies has been a staple of gaming for as long as I can remember.

However, I’ve never seen a game combine all the different elements surrounding actually piloting a spacecraft in the way that Starfight Research & Development has. Focusing on the ¬†building of a research station, the discovery of new weapons and assets, and the testing of new combinations, Starfighter offers a nostalgia soaked experience, with a interesting twist on the genre.


Congratulations on your promotion to head of Research and Development for StarFighter Incorporated!

We make the best Starfighters in the galaxy! Or at least we used to make the best Starfighters in the galaxy. Now we are woefully behind the competition.

It’s up to you to research, build, and test new Starfighter designs and technologies.

Don’t let the company down!

StarFighter R&D is currently making the push on Steam Greenlight, though the game is feature complete and available on, along with a free demo version showing of the game’s basic mechanics and loops of gameplay. ¬†We game the demo a try to get a feel for the game and it’s a wonderful mix of base management, loadout management and Space Invaders:



StarFighter has a number of different thing to be managed. First, you need to actually manage your ship, as that is what will be doing the shooting. To do this, you need to research new bodies, wings, probes, and guns. To do this, you’ll need to construct facilities to power your base, provide housing and food. There’s a constant need to upkeep and build more facilities to give yourself more and more options. It’s not a gameplay element I expected to find in StarFighter, but I found it incredibly fun, and it seemed to give every action I took a purpose.

The actual expansion of your base is done through a combination of Research Points and Fed Creds, both of which are earned by testing out your ships in the simulator. At first, this will be an uphill battle, as you’ll have only one meager cannon and move less than light-speed across the screen. Fear not, for even though the first handful of attempts will be harsh and slow, things will very quickly ramp up as you unlock additional weapon slots, new types of of weapons to put in those slots, and more.

As you progress, you’ll face fields of asteroids, boss ships, and more and more waves of different enemies. Everything is depicted is fantastic retro graphics, and accompanied by a fantastic soundtrack.



StarFighter Research & Development is now available on for $7.99. It is also currently looking for votes on Steam Greenlight, so if you like what you see, head on over and give it a vote!



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