Spotlight: Robbotto

Spotlight: Robbotto

If you’ve been waiting for a release of retro arcade classic Bubble Bobble on Nintendo Switch, or at least a similar experience, then JMJ Interactive’s Robbotto has you covered.

Robbotto stars maintenance robots Robb and Otto, who have to deactivate all of the other malfunctioning robots on their spaceship. To deactivate the other robots, Robb and Otto first have to shock them, slowing them down, and then have to spray them with water while they’re shocked. If Robb and Otto wait too long, the robots will have to be shocked again before deactivation.

Robbotto features a larger than expected variety of enemies, with every tenth level being a boss. These enemies range from walking robots, to shooting robots, to robots who run away when spotted, and even robots who can reactivate other previously deactivated robots. These robots also can’t be bumped into or else Rob or Otto will lose one of their three hearts, lose all three and it’s game over.

Bosses are understandably more difficult to deal with than other enemies, requiring more precise timing to deactivate each of their three hearts, while also avoiding any moving obstacles. Sometimes the moving obstacles are the target you have to hit, which can be difficult when players are simultaneously trying to avoid being hit by said obstacle.

The only problem I found is that Robb and Otto’s hitboxes are rather large , and can be frustrating when unbeknownst to a player. Once players become familiar enough with the mechanics, this just become a small flaw in an otherwise excellent game. I haven’t had the chance to try the co-op mode yet, but I have no doubt that it’s just as fun, if not better, than the single player mode.

Despite its hitbox problem, whether playing solo or co-op, Robbotto is a great pick for fans of Bubble Bobble and other retro arcade classics.

Robbotto is available on the Nintendo Switch eShop and PC via Steam.

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