Spotlight: Outer Colony by Voyager Games

Spotlight: Outer Colony by Voyager Games

I’ve got a deep love for strategy simulation games that offer you almost too much feedback. Being able to dive into even the most minute detail of the town/city/empire you are managing, change it, and then see how that ripples out and affects the other systems in place is an incredibly interesting process.

This is certainly one of the reasons Outer Colony caught my attention.

Outer Colony will probably earn the nickname of “Dwarf Fortress in Space”. This is both a really excellent way of telling you exactly what kind of game to expect, and at the same time, doesn’t even come close to explaining some of the amazing things Outer Colony is trying to do with AI and NPC interaction.

Launching its Greenlight campaign today, Outer Colony has a fantastic new trailer that introduces many of the game’s key features and mechanics:



First and foremost, Outer Colony is looking to simulate more things at once than I think any other strategy simulation game has tried to: weather, rivers both above and below ground, geological stratification, community dynamics, interpersonal relationship, even the fears, hopes and desires of individual NPC members of the colony you’re managing. It’s an enormously ambition undertaking, but has the potential to create situations you’d never be exposed to in a game like it.

A lot of this innovation is due to developer Sam Ruggieri history in human behavior modeling and simulation. We had the chance to interview Sam as part of our ongoing series of interviews with Indie Devs earlier this year. In this interview, we learned a lot more about the background of Outer Colony, Sam’s goals for the game, and what made him turn to independent game development, so if you are interested in learning a bit more about the game and the man behind it, this may answer some of your questions.



There’s no doubt in my mind that Outer Colony, but there’s also no doubt in my mind that its going to be a very dense, very complex game to get into. There’s a lot of screens and information to pour through in Outer Colony, even just to do simple, but necessary actions for your colony. While I do think this means the game won’t be for everyone, I also think that there is going to be a  significant part of the gaming community that is going to absolutely devour the game. Dwarf Fortress, a game called esoteric and niche by it’s most lenient defenders, has an enormous fan following and has developed into a nerd culture icon in many ways.

So, if you’re a lover of Dwarf Fortress looking for a sci-fi setting, or simply want to learn more about what Outer Colony is looking to create, head over to the Game’s Steam Greenlight Page and give it a vote.



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