Spotlight: Muse Dash

Spotlight: Muse Dash

Muse Dash is an anime inspired Rhythm game and Beat’em up developed by PeroPeroGames and published by XD Network. I got the chance to try it out at GDC 2019 and although it’s a relatively standard rhythm game, mixing it up with a sidescrolling beat’em up aesthetic really helps differentiate it from other games in the genre.

In Muse Dash, you can play as one of three heroines, each with their own animations, pets, and unlockable outfits, as you beat your way through over 80 different songs and stages while utilizing timed dodges and avoiding beat-based enemy attacks in three separate difficulty levels along the way. The two button controls featured in Muse Dash make it easy to learn and allow you to improve your reflexes over time. Since it had been quite some time since I had played any kind of rhythm game, I chose one of the easier songs first so I could get used to the controls. I still missed more notes than I expected to, but once I got a feel for it I chose another slightly more difficult song to get a taste of  how the rest of the game could play out, become easier over the small amount of time I had left.

While I didn’t have much time with Muse Dash, I enjoyed what I played and I hope that it gets a bigger audience after going multiplatform. Although it’s relatively basic as far as rhythm games go and  doesn’t provide the  genre with anything new besides its distinct aesthetic, it’s likely that it will be popular with Persona: Dancing and Taiko No Tatsujin fans. The art style is also clean and vibrant, those those who don’t mind a cute anime aesthetic and our fans of beat’em up style action will likely be able to appreciate how it looks.

The PC and Nintendo Switch versions of Muse Dash will launch some time in June 2019 and include English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified and traditional Chinese language support. The Nintendo Switch version will launch on the eShop in Japan, North America, Europe, and Australia with all previous DLC included, while the PC release will be worldwide with DLC available separately. Both versions will launch with a limited-time exclusive Marija skin.

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