Spotlight: Kite

Spotlight: Kite

Kite is the second offering currently available on EquityArcade, and the first games from Lab Cat Games. Lab Cat Games is a one man studio, with a particular love of old school games, a fact that is VERY clear as soon as you see Kite. Full of retro futurism, synthwave and fantastic pixel art, Kite promises to be a nostalgic run and gun fans of the old school will love.



Regain control of the secret weapons base Arch City and try to rescue the scientists trapped inside. Equip your H.O.R.D. droid with retro-future technology reclaimed from battle and become the ultimate soldier. Blast through a lush, destructible pixel-art world and strive for the highest rank on each stage. Melt enemy bots down into scrap while grooving to Kite’s all-original synthwave soundtrack. Find the most overpowered combinations of gear, skills and weapons for max damage or build the ultimate melee bruiser – soaking up damage and wiping out enemies with beam weapons.

The first thing that struck me when playing Kite was the music. The pulsing synthwave soundtrack immediately put me in the right mindset to run and gun in a game that game me visions of the 80’s vision of the future. Aesthetically, Kite nails that era of games and media. Bright fluorescent colors, technobabble names, perfect sounding lasers; it all meshes together perfectly to create a world that draws you in, and makes you feel incredibly nostalgic.



Mechanically, Kite is straight forward. You’re armed with three weapons (Two One-Handed and one Two-Handed) and two main abilities (Bullet Time and Super Speed). These abilities and weapons use up your resources: Ammo, Energy and Tempo. Different types of weapons use different resources, so a laser sword will be an extra drain on your battery, but an SMG will use Ammo.

In each level, it’s your goal to rescue scientists, secure certain objectives and destroy the enemies standing in your way. Combat is fast paced and hectic and feels incredibly good. The variety of weapons means you can play things in a lot of different ways, building a tanky, close combat monster, or investing points into making your spray of bullets that much more effective. There’s tons of items and weapons to unlock, so as your progress, the possibilities just keep popping up.

Want to see Kite in action? Here’s a peak at on of the game’s first levels, and a look at how selecting your loadout work:



One critique I have of Kite in its current form is that while the game’s introductory tutorial does a fantastic job of telling you how to navigate the levels and use your weapons and abilities, there’s no tutorial what so ever on how to upgrade and level your character. Things aren’t too difficult to piece together, but it definitely felt daunting the first time I was thrown in to the character screen between levels. There’s a LOT of information on that main screen, and some direction would have been nice.

Kite is currently available on Steam Early Access. Kite is also on EquityArcade, and is looking to garner investments of $12,000 by 

If you want to learn more about EquityArcade, and how it’s different from crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, check out our piece on the new investing platform here.

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