Spotlight: Heliophobia

Spotlight: Heliophobia

We’ve talked about Heliophobia a lot on IndieHangover. We’ve covered Glass Knuckles Games previous titles, been impressed by them and are eager to see what they come up with next, particularly in their first foray into the world of horror.

Plus, Heliophobia has been described as Lynchian in style, which is an automatic attention grab for me…

Heliophobia is now officially on Steam Greenlight looking for votes, announced with a brand new trailer:



Heliophobia is a dark first-person horror/mystery presented with a non-linear narrative. While the game follows a distinct story, the order of levels, events, and numerous environmental factors are different for each player. Ultimately, everyone will be able to uncover and interpret the overarching story – and the sinister world surrounding it – in their own way.

Want to see what to expect with Heliophobia? We played through the exclusive demo, only available for a short time last October and saw a brief glimpse of the style of the game and what kind of atmosphere to expect. Luckily we recorded our playthrough and initial thoughts:



We also interviewed Dave Gedarovich and Henry D’Angelo of Glass Knuckle Games about Heliophobia, how they are creating horror, and the game’s non-linear storytelling as part of our on going series of IndieDev Interviews, so if you want to know more about the though process behind Heliophobia, look no further!



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