Spotlight: Fatal Velocity

Spotlight: Fatal Velocity

Fatal Velocity: Physics Combat is one of those games that makes me scratch my head and say “why the heck hasn’t someone already done this!“. The premise is simple: the game is a a multiplayer first person combat game where you have no conventional weapons: no guns, no swords, no rpg’s. Instead, your speed and the environment are your weapons, and you’ll be trying to get opposing players to their fatal velocity (cue “ooooooh!”) to eliminate them from the match.


Fatal Velocity feels like a neon tinted mix of Spider-man and Tribes. To be honest, it does take a little getting used to, and at the early stage it’s in, there’s clearly a lot of polish and balancing to be done, but there’s one important thing to know now: It’s fun.

Like, a lot of fun.

Fatal Velocity – Mobile Hazards! (Vehicles/Trams/Aircraft)

Each player has two abilities, and each ability has two modes. The first is essentially “Pull”. It’s beam mode is essentially a laser grappling hook, and it’ll be the main way to move around the maps, swing and slingshotting yourself around, but be careful not to go too fast. The second mode of Pull is a gravity grenade, that’ll pull enemies to a point. The second ability is essential “Push”, with a beam mode that will push enemies away, and a force grenade that’ll knock people about left and right.

I found that it was a little hard to actually kill other players with these abilities, or more specifically, know you were killing other players with your abilities. There’s not a ton of feedback, both visually and via the UI to know if you’ve done damage, or hit someone, and I think that would go a long way in improving the experience of the game.

Fatal Velocity – Gravity Beam Ceiling Smash

However, every kill you do get, every cool slingshot around a corner you do make, every bit of physics you pull together to make that epic moment happen feels AMAZING. Fatal Velocity feels super good, and is already the best Spider-man simulator I’ve ever played. You’ll be tempted to move around as fast as you can, which is a bad idea due to your own speed affecting your own fatal velocity, but it feels so bad ass that you’ll take the risk. Inevitably, you’ll be your own worse enemy, but that’s part of the fun.

I for one, cannot wait to see how Fatal Velocity evolves and improves.

Fatal Velocity is current in Steam Early Access, so you don’t even have to wait to give it a try!

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