Spotlight: Damsel

Spotlight: Damsel

One of EquityArcade‘s first offerings is Damsel, a game by Screwtape Studios. Damsel casts you as a vampire hunter, looking to clean up the streets, rescues hostages, defuse bombs, and do some mean platforming.



A true arcade platformer, play as Agent Damsel as she rescues hostages, defuses ticking time bombs and slays vampires with her shotgun. Compete in over 120 levels, visit city rooftops, urban slums and save the day with Agent Damsel!

One of the things that I ended up really enjoying about Damsel is the variety of actions you have to do. During each level, it’s not just about navigating the platforms and slaying the enemies as quickly as possible. Some levels will have you destroying coffins, rescuing hostages, or disarming bombs to acchieve success. However, alomsot every level has bonus objectives involving these different elements, so each level becomes a sort of puzzle, where you try to accomplish all of your bonus objectives before completing the main mission, while keeping you combo as high as possible.

We played through the investor demo of Damsel. Take a look at one particular level, “Into the Rabbit Hole”, which shows off many of the game’s mechanics:



Combos are your main indicator of success in Damsel, and are affected by almost every action. Killing an enemy of course keeps the combo going, as does destroying key objectives, but the quick time events used to free hostages or defuse bombs also contribute to your combo, so you need to be as accurate as possible when attempting these.

You’re also incredibly vulnerable in Damsel, a fact I happened to enjoy, but I imagine some people may not love quite as much. One hit from an enemy kills you, but then again, it only takes one or two hits from you to dispatch your foes. This creates a fantastic level of tension in an environment where speed and accuracy are important. It also creates an environment where you will fail…a lot, but the level’s aren’t so long to make this an issue, nor is it difficult to start over in an attempt to increase your score.

Considering the aesthetics of the game, there’s a fantastic mix of colors in Dasmel, and the levels are varied enough to keep things fresh, even if you do have to attempt them four or five times to get a perfect score. In particular, I loved the design of the vampires. All of the different types of enemies are different strains of vampires, from hunched nosferatu-esq monsters, to hulking beasts in suits with pale skin and glowing eyes.



Damsel is looking to garner investments totaling $50,000 on EquityArcade by 

The game is scheduled to release for PC, Mac, and Linux in 2017, and was successfully greenlit in April of this year.

If you want to learn more about EquityArcade, and how it’s different from crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, check out our piece on the new investing platform here.


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