Spelkollektivet Open New Doors to Developers

Spelkollektivet Open New Doors to Developers

One thing I’ve been continually inspired by since I began covering the indie Development community is how supportive the community can be, regardless of nationality, creed or class. Being a game developer seems in many way to transcend language and origin, even if their work is very heavily based in their own background and experience.

This is why places like Spelkollektivet make me so happy. Spelkollektivet is a co-living & co-working incubator for game developers located in Väckelsång, Sweden.  While the organization has been in business for a little over a year, is just opened the doors on a new location, which is set to accommodate over 50 international game developers

I am very excited to be expanding with Spelkollektivet after having a full house for almost a year. The first day upon announcing the news on social media, we received applications from 20 people across the world. From the looks of it, it’s going to be a very diverse crowd who’ll be embarking on this journey with us. – James Newnorth, Founder of Spelkollektivet

The primary goal of Spelkollektivet has been “to create a small society based on interests and hobbies, which transcends nationalities and cultures.” One of the principle ways Spelkollektivet has been making this a reality has been by offering affordable living and services to approved applicants, similar to the mindset of Stugan.


Spelkollektivet provides housing and tools to independent game developers, who come to work on their own projects, full time, without distractions. Developers are  able to network and share their experiences from  across nations and cultures, and thus, create richer, better, more diverse games, while Spelkollektivet takes care of the everyday concerns. It’s a fantastic oppertuntiy for any developers interested

You can learn more about Spelkollektivet on the organizations website, and if you intereted in applying, head here.

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