Skywind Development Video #1 Released

Skywind Development Video #1 Released

Modding is an integral part of the Skyrim experience. Want some more Thomas the Tank Engine in your game? There’s a mod for that. Better Lighting and Weather Effects? There’s a mod for that. However, sometimes a mod comes along that is truly impressive, not only improving the game, but representing an independent creation fueled by fan support and guided by the framework of an amazing game.

Skywind is one such project. Skywind is a fan made modification to Skyrim which seeks to bring the places and faces of Morrowwind to life, and the team released there first development video earlier today. The video is a showcase and an overview, detailing the team, their aims, and showing off some of their progress;

The recreation of the world of Morrowind is particularly impressive because of how far game engine have progressed. The tools may be far more complex and versatile, but there is far less room for error and blank space. Music, Art, and story are all being addressed in a way that not only gives you the sense that this team has an incredibly high standard that they are working against, but also that they have a deep sense of dedication.

The project represents, in many ways, the pinnacle of independent fan development, where a team of people bound together only by a love of the Elder Scrolls Series have come together to create a nostalgic experience projected through a modern lens.  More information, forums, and previews of the Skywind Mod can be found on the team’s main website.

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