Shroud of the Avatar Releases Early Demo Video

Shroud of the Avatar Releases Early Demo Video
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Richard Garriott of Ultima fame, released a demo of his newest project, Shroud of the Avatar. Lord British narrates the eleven minute video of the early version of the game that was shown at RTX 2013. And for an early version, it already shows a lot of polish!

Garriott demonstrates the game’s take on some mainstays, such as overland travel, towns and dungeon exploring. He highlights the minimal UI clutter that is a focus of the game experience. He also shows the gathering and crafting process, as well as item manipulation once the crafting is completed.  

One of the more interesting aspects is the quest system. It is much more interactive compared to what you see in other games. The player will have to type full sentences to communicate with NPCs. In return, they will give you personalized information that you can follow or not, but there will not be a quest log. It will be up to the player to continue to investigate to complete the quest.

Check out the video to see the great process being made by Garriott and the team at Portalarium!


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