Screenshots of Mighty No. 9 Emerge

Screenshots of Mighty No. 9 Emerge

Yesterday, a few screenshots from the much anticipated Mighty No. 9 made there way onto the internet. While the game is still in very early development, it does give us a bit of a idea of the direction of the game and what it might look like;

Might No. 9 was successfully Kickstarted in October of 2013, and received 427% of requested funding. The sotry of Mighty No. 9 is as follows:

Dr. White created 9 robot siblings known as the “Mighty Numbers”, who were the most popular and powerful team of robots in the Battle Colosseum and always in the top ranks. But, during one competition there was a sudden act of cyber terror, infecting them with a computer virus causing them to become crazed and rampant.

The crazed siblings took control of various key facilities and utilities. The virus continued to spread to all the robots of the world. It is now up to the lone Mighty No.9 “Beck”, who remains unaffected by the virus.  Beck, who had always been the weakest link on the team, was now entrusted with the future of all humanity!

The game is planning an April 2015 launch.

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