Revita Announced by BenStar

Revita Announced by BenStar

Over the weekend, developer BenStar officially announced a new project and released some key art, screenshots and gifs of the game. Titled Revita, it’s bold colors, lightning fast gameplay and charm immediately caught my eye.


Revita is a 2D Twinstick Platformer Roguelite in which you climb a mysterious clocktower and harvest the souls of your enemies on the way! Use them to upgrade your arsenal in order to stay alive and climb even higher! What secrets will await you at the top of the tower?

Obviously, there’s not a ton of information out there about the project yet, but even these early peaks at the art direction and mechanics have me excited.

If you interested in hearing more details about Revita as they become available, make sure to check in with IndieHangover, BenStar’s Twitter and Benstar’s page.

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