Review: Tanks vs. Aliens

Review: Tanks vs. Aliens

Tanks are fun. Aliens are also fun. Alien Infested Tanks? Less so.

Surprisingly challenging, yet incredibly easy to pick up and play, Tanks Vs. Aliens is a solid RTS that will have your focusing of unit placement and troop management. While it doesn’t have the classic RTS elements of base creation and resource gathering, that doesn’t mean it’s an easy RTS by any measn…



Title: Tanks Vs Aliens
Developer: VR Features
Publisher: K Bros Games
Platform: PC
Game Version: Final
Review Copy: Provided by the Publisher
Interface: Keyboard & Mouse
Available on Steam

Hordes of alien tanks have flooded the streets, spreading chaos and terror everywhere they go. You’re the only one who can save humanity! Explore the world of futuristic tank battles in a brand new real-time strategy and base defense game.

Tanks Vs. Aliens puts you in charge of a tank division in a science fiction world where alien spores have infected our technology. Meaning you’ll be fighting aliens…or tanks….alien tanks. Mechanically this means that your opponent will be using the same types of tanks against you as you’ll have at your disposal, so knowing which tanks do what and which type of tank to use in each situation is vitally important. There are 8 different tank classes in the game, from fast and light tanks, to slow moving  juggernauts, to long range, mortar equipped tanks. Additionally, placement of your tanks is important.  You can, and will want to shield your smaller, more powerful but fragile tanks, with your heavily armored units. There’s a significant amount of planning and strategy going on, and you’ll have to react quickly and correctly to your opponents movements.



While some of Tank Vs Aliens 30 levels present different scenarios, the basic formula is this: You’re given a goal, usually to defend an objective or assault an enemy base, and a certain amount of currency to do it with. it’s up to you to determine how to spend that currency, be it on more tanks, different tanks, or upgrading the tanks you have currently. Each level is in some ways a puzzle, and you’ll have to use your resources very wisely. Killing enemies and completing objective will earn you more credits to spend on more tanks and more upgrades.



Mechanically, you’re able to control tanks movement individually, or group them into squads. You’re also able to repair tanks instantaneously, as long as you have the credits. But note: if you’ve selected a squad, that means you have to repair the whole squad, not just the one tank that desperately needs it. There’s a significant amount of micro management, and at times it can be frustrating, but I found more often than not I hadn’t yet realized the levels hook, or experienced the “OH! That’s what I need to do moment” for that particular situation.



One of the most interesting parts of Tanks Vs Aliens is the fact that many of the levels are easy to scrape by in. Whether you’re defending a base, attacking an enemy’s, or attacking some other objective, I found that I was able to brute force my way through a good number of missions and scrape by the skin of my teeth with one or two tanks limping along at the end. However, this only got me a passing grade on to the next level. Truly mastering the game’s levels is going to take a significant amount of knowledge of how the game works, as well as the tactics to make each class of tank succeed.

Tanks Vs Aliens will definitely scratch your RTS bone. While it is definitely a light RTS, with no base building or resource gathering, this gives the game a chance to instead focus on the tactics of tank control, arrangement and management.



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