Review: Evil Glitch

Review: Evil Glitch

Evil Glitch is proof that, even in the world of video games, sometimes good things do come in small packages.



Title: Evil Glitch
Developer: Agar3s
Publisher: K Bros Games
Platform: PC
Game Version: Final
Review Copy: Provided by Publisher
Interface: Keyboard & Mouse
Available on Steam  for $2.99

An arcade 2D shoot ’em up with retro aesthetics inspired by 80’s media, featuring an universe and plot line based on Sacred Geometry. Players must fight to survive as long as they can evading enemies and destroying their bases to stop the corruption. Compete with your friends or on global leaderboards. An old 2d guardian faces a terrible invasion from another dimension that corrupts all his world. Survive as long as possible to defend your world from all the enemies and discover who is the evil glitch behind the invasion.

Evil Glitch is a top down arcade shooter, much like you are probably familiar with. It’s presented in an incredibly cool 80’s retro aesthetic, but that is by no means the coolest thing about Evil Glitch. No, that has to be the fact that the game is only 13 kb.

Yes: Kilobytes.

Some History: Evil Glitch was conceived at, and won, the JS13k Game Jam. Developed by solo indie dev Giovanny Beltran, a Software developer from Bogota, Evil Glitch has been created without any framework; all original graphics, sounds and background music were created programmatically.  While the total number of kilobytes making up the game has fluctuated a bit since those days, the fact remains that you could fit multiple copies of this game on a floppy disk. That’s a pretty damn cool achievement if you ask us.



Evil Glitch itself is pretty straightforward, but has some very clever tricks up its sleeves. There is a Story Mode with 3 levels, each with 6 phase, an endless Arcade Mode which builds in difficulty over time, and a particularly diabolical Evil Mode, which is the same as the arcade mode, but with entirely random spawning of enemies.

You’re able to survive against these digital onslaughts a couple of ways. Of course, you can move and shoot as with any 2D Top Down Shooter. However, you’re also able to warp time, which slows down time for the eneimeis, while speeding up your movement for short period. There are also glitches that will appear on screen that allow you to teleport away from the enemies and spawner units in the phase.

Evil Glitch can be brutally hard, fast paced, and furious, but everything feels and handles fantastically. Things at time feel a little bit disjointed, but that’s part of the aesthetic of going up against an Evil Glitch.



Evil Glitch knows exactly what it wants to be, and perfectly encapsulates the idea of a rogue malicious glitch that has gained sentience in an 80’s arcade cabinet. The aesthetic serves the gameplay, and the gameplay serves the aesthetic, and it’s all the more remarkable due to the fact that the game is so small.

Evil Glitch may just be the best price per byte on the market.


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