Return to Eisenwald in Blood of November

Return to Eisenwald in Blood of November

 Legends of Eisenwald was a surprise find for us at PAX East 2015. A rich medieval low-fantasy game with an intriguing original story and tactical gameplay, Legends of Eisenwald had incredible depth in its narrative and its gameplay mechanics, and is what we’d consider a hidden gem on Indie RPG’s.

Aterdux Entertainment have just released a new standalone game set in the same universe, titled Eisenwald: Blood of November



Eisenwald: Blood of November is a completely standalone game (a.k.a. You don’t need the original to dive in), and  focuses on a sandbox-style approach to gameplay rather than the fairly set narrative RPG style of the first. Your main goal in the game is to take the mantle of Duke of Eisenwald, but how you go about it seems to be up to you.

Eisenwald: Blood of November is now available on  Steam and





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