It’s Raining Rockets This Week In SpeedRunners

speedrunners by tinybuild

The Tinybuild team behind SpeedRunners have once again found a terrific way to get people to play test the hell out of their incredibly fun, hyper-competitive, multiplayer running game: unleash The Rapture.

Starting 8am GMT on Thursday, Sept 19th as part of their “What if…” series, the sky shall darken and rockets shall rain down upon the open spaces for 24 hours.

That’s right, the day long SpeedRapture will include the added bonus of all open surfaces being hit by rockets from the sky during each run.

Tinybuild continues to find creative ways to entertain their fans and test their game, which is currently available as Early Access download on Steam. In a prior event, the team took feedback from players at PAX Prime 2013 around how much fun the grappling hook made gameplay;, so the team took it up a notch… in fact, they dialed it up to 11.

Last Thursday we made all item pick ups into grappling hooks, with unexpected results – players learned how to drag other people onto spikes, resulting in instant-kills, and overall became really good in overtaking and dodging overtakes.

If only I had learned the spike maneuver during my play time against those ruthless Devs at PAX. Don’t be surprised if you find the IndieHangover crew battling it out LIVE on Twitch in the very near future.

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