Project Cyber Pushes Massive Update

Project Cyber Pushes Massive Update

Over the weekend, the Project Cyber development team pushed an incredible amount of game-changing content to their early adopters. With just a few weeks before their official Steam Early Access launch, the folks at Spearhead continue to deliver community feedback inspired gameplay and features.

In their latest push, early adopters received a new ninja cyborg character dubbed “The Stalker”, a level up system with unlockable implants and upgrades, a brand new arena, more power ups, and player invite system for forming teams and AI practice sessions.

Here’s more from the official Spearhead Games site:

Some of you may have noticed an update for Project Cyber on Steam and you’re probably asking yourself: “What is in it?”.

  • New look!
  • New character: Stalker
  • Disc grab/pass system
  • Characters have new secondary and ultimate abilities
  • Tutorials for new players
  • Player progression system with unlockables
  • Implant system
  • Goal replays
  • and much, much more!

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