Pilgrimage of Embers Alpha Live Today

Pilgrimage of Embers Alpha Live Today

It’s finally here! The Pilgrimage of Embers alpha arrives today, February 1st, giving us a glimpse at this project that has been being worked on by developer Enckling for a long time, and eagerly anticipated.


After a couple of years in development, I’m comfortable enough to release the game for people to play it. While there is much to be done, I have some good content to keep you entertained. This includes reading item descriptions, exploring all areas, hunting some rabbits, picking flowers, brewing potions, doing offerings, smelting, etc. If I were to estimate total play time, those who want to just get through it can expect it to last a couple of minutes. Although, that effectively turns it into a walking simulator. The average user can expect to play the game between fifteen minutes to perhaps an hour.

The AI for the monster wasn’t great, so I decided to skip any aggressive creatures on release. There are rabbits and butterflies, so there won’t be any resistance. Another reason was I felt the combat needed to be redone, or perhaps simplified. Of course, you can’t hunt rabbits without weapons, so there are still a few in-game.

This Alpha will be Windows only.  People looking to play on Linux or Mac OS will have to wait. I’ll be setting up a separate page here with all the details you need to know about where to download, requirements, etc.

Here’s how to get access to the alpha:
– Have already signed up (okay, not helpful, I know…)
– Supporting Enckling on Patreon.

Enckling will be writing a retrospective blog post on how the alpha went and the devleopment journey shortly after the alpha, and we’ll be planning to ask him some question of our own in a forthcoming interview.


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