Picross Makeout League Announced

Picross Makeout League Announced

We’ve been fans of Glass Knuckle Games for a long time here at IndieHangover: I still bust out Thief Town when I’ve got folks over itching to play something, and I’m beyond excited to see what Heliophobia brings us for scares later this year.

But I never expected this:

In Picross Makeout League, you are Picross Girl: a superhero-in-training with the power to see and solve her life’s problems just like picross puzzles!  Solve puzzles, romance your fellow puzzle-themed superheroes, and maybe even save the day! This is a comedy/romance adventure for people who want to solve picross puzzles and also date puzzles!

Picross Makeout League is being made by James Johnston and Brett Davis, and is currently scheduled to be coming out next year! You can find out more at PML‘s new website: picross.love.

Heliophobia is still being worked on by Dave Gedarovich, and is on track to release by the end of 2018. If you want to know more about Heliophobia, check out our Interview with Dave and Henry about the game:


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