Phantom Halls Releases on Halloween

Phantom Halls Releases on Halloween

It’s now past September 1st, which means I can talk about spooky, Halloween games without any feelings that I might be pre-emptive.

Yesterday, Incendium Games announced that their squad based side-scoller Phantom Halls, which has been in Early Access since March of last year,  will be released in its full launch version on Halloween of this year.


Enter a haunted mansion and prepare to face the undead terrors that stalk the phantom halls! Squad up to survive the night using whatever you can find, but remember – you can’t kill what you can’t see, so be sure to bring a flashlight…

With fast-paced, action-packed gameplay and a 3D papercraft visual motif, Phantom Halls sees players take on the roles of multiple characters at once – with each character’s actions assigned to a different key. It’s a real-time Worms with the procedurally generated chaos of Spelunky!

Phantom Halls also features officially licensed Evil Dead 2 content, so if you’ve ever wanted to slay the undead as a papercraft-style Ash, you may want to check this out. The game has been receiving regular updates since its initial Early Access release, the biggest of which is the  multiplayer component, adding both online and local co-op play.

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