Phantom Halls Now Available

Phantom Halls Now Available

 Phantom Halls, a zany Halloween themed coop side-scroller by Incendium Games, hits V1 and leaves Steam Early Access after 18 months today and is available now!


Phantom Halls is a side-scrolling squad-based comedy-horror title for PC. Players control a group of teens from the Occult Studies Club at a local high school, as they team up for their assignment but find themselves fighting to survive the night in a procedurally generated haunted mansion.

Phantom Halls includes a single-player mode – where you’ll take control of the entire party of characters, with each member of the group having their own action buttons and special skills – and drop-in/drop-out local co-op, with online co-op coming in a post launch content update.

The launch version of Phantom Halls includes tons of story content, an entire caseload of quests to play, a full progression system, and dozens of characters to rescue and add to your team – including Ash from the Evil Dead series!

Phantom Halls is out now via Steam for $19.99.

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