PAXEast 2016 – Indie MEGABOOTH Line Up

PAXEast 2016 – Indie MEGABOOTH Line Up

The Indie MEGABOOTH has revealed what games they’ll be showing at this years PAX East. As you might expect, that makes us here at IndieHangover a little giddy.

Here is the map of the Indie MEGABOOTH area, and a complete listing of all the games a developers that will be there on April 22nd, through the 24th. If you are looking for us during this time, you can bet we’ll be somewhere in here. (The Minibooth has been a particularly good time at the last few PAX Easts: Don’t let it slip you by!)



•20XX – Batterystaple Games
•ARENA GODS – Supertype
•Astroneer – System Era
•Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan – Kiro’o Games Studio
•Battle Chef Brigade – Trinket Studios
•Below – CAPY
•Black Witchcraft – QuattroGear
•Block’hood – Plethora-Project
•Croixleur Sigma – PLAYISM
•Cryptark – Alientrap
•Dad by the Sword – Rocketcat Games
•Daydream Blue – RalphVR
•Death Squared – SMG Studio
•Deathstate – Workinman Interactive
•Deliver Us The Moon – KeokeN Interactive
•Dragon Fin Soup – Grimm Bros, LLC
•Due Process – Giant Enemy Grab
•Eon Altar – Flying Helmet Games Ltd.
•Flinthook – Tribute Games Inc.
•Forced Showdown – BetaDwarf
•I Expect You To Die – Schell Games
•Infectonator: Survivors – Toge Productions
•Into the Stars – Fugitive Games
•Jenny LeClue – Detectivu – Mografi
•Kathy Rain – Clifftop Games
•Kingdom – Licorice & Noio
•Knee Deep – Prologue Games
•Ladykiller in a Bind – Love Conquers All Games
•Metrico+ – Digital Dreams
•Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight – Bombservice
•Moon Hunters – Kitfox Games
•Moonshot – Pump Action Games
•Move or Die – Those Awesome Guys
•Night in the Woods – Finji and InfiniteFall
•Night Cry – Nude Maker
•Orion Trail – Schell Games
•Racers:Dirt – 21c Ducks
•Read Only Memories – Midboss
•Refactor – NextGen Pants, Inc
•Silver Bullet: Prometheus – Byulbram Studio
•Shoot Shoot Mega Pack – Jon Remedios Games
•Sometimes Always Monsters – Vagabond Dog
•Soundself – SoundSelf
•Spectre – Proscenium
•StarBreak – Crunchy Games
•StarCrawlers – Juggernaut Games
•Subterrain – Pixellore
•Super Daryl Deluxe – Dan & Gary Games LLC
•The Flame in the Flood – The Molasses Flood
•Thimbleweed Park – Terrible Toybox
•Through the Woods – Antagonist
•Thumper – Drool
•Tooth and Tail – Pocketwatch Games
•Tumblestone – The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild
•Ultimate Chicken Horse – Clever Endeavour Games


.•Arelite Core – Dragon Slumber
•Auro: A Monster-Bumping Adventure – Dinofarm Games
•Brigador – Stellar Jockeys
•Burly Men at Sea – Brain&Brain
•Desolus – Desolus
•Fate Tectonics – Golden Gear
•Graceful Explosion Machine – Vertex Pop
•Gurgamoth – Galvanic Games
•Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander – Massive Damage, Inc.
•Hidden Folks – Adriaan de Jongh & Sylvain Tegroeg
•INVERSUS – Hypersect
•Kitty Disastrous – Rocket 5 Studios
•Linelight – Brett Taylor Interactive, LLC
•Mimpi Dreams – Silicon Jelly
•SCALE – Cubeheart Games, LLC
•Signal Decay – Nela System
•Simple Circles – Illusive Games
•Trial by Viking – Last Life Games
•Wulverblade – Darkwind Media


•Brass Empire – Rock Manor Games
•Breaker Blocks – Spriteborne
•DRAGOON – Lay Waste Games
•Gruff – Studio Woe
•Larklamp: Snyxtrap – Lumo Amuzo
•Monarch – Mary Flanagan LLC
•MoonQuake Escape – Pair of Jacks Games LLC
•San, Ni, Ichi – Ironmark Games
•The Depths of Durangrar – Creative Cove Games
•True Messiah – Sinister Design LLC

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