PAX West Spotlight: Praey For The Gods

PAX West Spotlight: Praey For The Gods

Praey For The Gods is a game I’ve had my eye on for quite some time now, primarily due to it’s heavy Shadow of the Colossus influence. At PAX West 2019, I finally got the chance to play it for myself, and even though what I played was an alpha build, it’s still everything I hoped it would be.

In Praey For The Gods, you play as an unnamed woman who is trying to figure out the cause of a never-ending winter. As you explore the expansive tundra, you also encounter Gods, giant beings worshiped by some who serve as the primary antagonists. If you hope to have any chance of survival, you’ll have to face the gods yourself and take them down.

The main character has a couple of tools at her disposal, such as a bow and a grappling hook. The bow can be used to distract the giant beings while the grappling hook can be used both to traverse through the environment as well as hook on to certain parts of the gods as a stamina-less alternative to climbing up their limbs.There doesn’t seem to be any kind of sword this time around though, opting to use your bare hands to destroy weak points instead. I’m not sure whether the default controls are meant to be like Shadow of the Colossus as well or they were just mapped that way for the demo, but they felt eerily similar — such as the upmost face button being jump,helping to create an even more familiar experience.

Unlike Shadow of the Colossus, there are several strategies to take these each of these gods down. For the God I fought against, so far only known as the “Skull God”,  I used the more safe method of climbing its furry ankles to reach the glowing pistons on the Skull God and slam them down until they were gone and I had to move to the next one.  Not figuring out an alternative way to take down the Skull God proved to be a detriment since it look longer due to falling off a few times. I actually ended up dying on my last fall and if it wasn’t for others who had been waiting to play, I definitely would have tried again and may have even played the section over just to figure out other methods that would take down this god.

I actually did look into other methods afterward, however. As of writing, there are two other methods which will help you reach the pistons.The first is to use the hook shot to latch onto the grapple point on its left hip, which despite being straightforward, proves difficult with how much the Skull God lifts its legs to move. The second method is to climb the nearby ruins while avoiding some long range attacks from the Skull God until finding a stand-alone piston. Once activated, the piston will created a noise which brings the Skull God to its knees, allowing you to jump onto it and reach the pistons on its body.

Praey for the Gods is only available through Early Access on PC right now, and it’s one of the few games I wish I had a gaming PC for just so I could play it at home even though it isn’t completely finished yet. It has definitely been said before, but if you’re a big fan of Shadow of the Colossus, you’ll be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t check this game out.

Praey For The Gods is expected to launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2020.

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