PAX West Spotlight: Orange Blood

PAX West Spotlight: Orange Blood

At PAX West 2019, we got the chance to play Orange Blood, a hip hop infused JRPG by Playism. Being filled with that beloved retro turned based JRPG style and a remarkable soundtrack, Orange Blood seemed like a game that would be right up my alley, and from what I’ve seen and played so far, I was definitely correct about that prediction.

In Orange Blood, you control a party of up to four girls who take down evil gang members and robots on New Koza, a man made island off the coast of Okinawa. The weapon of choice for these girls isn’t swords or sorcery like one might expect, but guns, as an homage to it’s ’90s gangster rap and hip hop influence. Different guns can be purchased throughout the course of the game and are randomly generated, so you never know what you might get.

The turn based battle system is very easy to learn, and if you’ve played any JRPG from the SNES era or any modern ones using that as the main inspiration, you’ll effortlessly grasp the combat right away. Basic attacks, skills, and special moves are all where you would expect them to be. The one drawback of this is it doesn’t seem to offer anything new or unique in terms of battle mechanics, although since what I played was an early build, I wouldn’t be surprised if some distinct mechanics are introduced in the future.

The most notable feature from the demo was the soundtrack, which was what I expected. Hearing some ’90s style hip hop beats in the background was a welcome change of pace from other RPGs I’ve been playing lately with more fantastical soundtracks. I actually finished the demo a little disappointed that I couldn’t hear more of what Orange Blood‘s soundtrack had to offer.

Unfortunately, the demo was insanely short, and actually not even fully translated, with only the essential parts in English. I only got to explore a little and take part in a few short battles before the demo abruptly stopped. Despite all that, I’m still curious to see how this game develops over time, and excited see what the full release has to offer in the future.

Orange Blood will be heading to PC “soon.”

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