PAX West Spotlight: Indivisible

PAX West Spotlight: Indivisible

I’ve been following Lab Zero’s platforming RPG hybrid, Indivisible since 2015, and seeing it so close to release and looking better than ever feels almost surreal in a way. Whether you followed the game when it was first announced or just heard of it recently, it’s definitely one you should try for yourself if you get the chance. But in case you’re still on the fence, I’ve provided a few more details through the demo I played at PAX West 2019.

The demo for PAX West 2019 was further in the game than previous playable demos, a nice change of pace from playing a refined version of the same section over and over again. The demo took place in a city called Tai Krung, which has a problem with crime as well as residents being addicted to a substance called Ohma. Your goal is to help figure out the source the problem, while also tailing the mysterious hero, Naga Rider, the last one of his kind in the city.

Combat felt just as it did in previous demos, in which each face button corresponding to a characters attack, or blocking when timed correctly — similar to games such as Valkyrie Profile or Fallen Legion. There was one change that was hard to get used to however. In addition to main character Ajna, and party members Tungar and Razmi, the default party now had the healer character Zahra. While the other characters can use up to three attacks before they have to wait for their action bar to recharge, Zahra can only heal once before she has to. The battles weren’t too tough, but it was difficult to manage the right balance, and after a handful of battles at least one of my characters was taken out due to Zahra’s ability not actually restoring that much health. There were also some other characters to swap into your party, although I never did for some reason, which is a shame because I was curious to see their combat abilities.

In addition to a new area, this new demo also expanded on various platforming abilities that can be used for traversal. Ajna can now dash when on the ground to quickly go from one point to another, which I figure will be useful when going back and forth in an area to complete a quest. Pirate captain Baozhai’s special ability allows Ajna to bounce between dangerous platforms, while the archer Zebei can temporarily make hazardous surfaces safe with special arrows. I actually found bouncing between platforms to be the most challenging part of the demo, as I wasn’t really expecting it and was using a type of controller I’m not as familiar with.

Despite running out of time right when I was getting the hang of bouncing my way up through the city, I’m still excited for Indivisible and I can’t believe it will be out so soon. Visually, Indivisible still looks amazing, and has definitely improved in the last few years. I’m curious to see the distinct looks of each separate area and it makes me eager to see how appealing boss fights and important story moments will look. I also look forward to meeting all the different party members and hearing their stories, but Naga Rider has me the most intrigued. Hopefully the full release has even more interesting features to offer.

Indivisible will launch on October 8 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, with a Nintendo Switch release at a later date.

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