PAX West Spotlight: Bite The Bullet

PAX West Spotlight: Bite The Bullet

Bite the Bullet is a 2D retro inspired roguelite run and gun RPG being developed by Mega Cat Studios and published by Graffiti Games. It’s actually the first run and gun and eat, and this mechanic makes it stand out among its influences. I’m not a huge fan of the run and gun genre, but the I found the eating mechanic intriguing, and after playing it I feel like it’s the first run and gun title I’ve been excited for since Cuphead.

As I said earlier, in Bite the Bullet you don’t just run and gun but you also eat. The majority of enemies can be eaten after being stunned and depending on what they are will have various effects. You can be an omnivore, a carnivore, a vegetarian, or for an extra challenge try to be vegan, changing up the way you play. In the demo the majority of what I ate were robots, but it was unclear how exactly it affected my character.

There are food power ups spread throughout each level that will temporarily give your characters different enhancements, but eating them isn’t a requirement, so you don’t have to if you don’t want to. You also want to avoid overeating as it will negatively affect you — just as it would in real life. Nutritional information will also be shown for the majority of what you can eat, so you have the freedom to decide what would be more beneficial to your play style.

Your diet also affects a three branched skill tree, in which what you eat can bestow you with new abilities over time. I didn’t actually get the chance to observe the skill tree as I was just focused on getting through the level, but the one I heard about, Napalm Vomit, sounded like it would be useful for those who prefer more explosive gameplay.

Like other run and gun titles, Bite the Bullet has plenty of weapons to equip and switch between. In the demo, the default weapons equipped were the AR, which had unlimited ammo, and the shotgun, which would eventually run out. There wasn’t anything too notable about what different weapons did, but some of the names we’re pretty ridiculous. Family-Sized Shotgun is one that stuck out to me in particular. You can usually find new weapons throughout each level with modifiers that do different types of damage — such as “spicy” weapons causing burn damage. Additionally, what you eat can also help you craft new weapons, although there hasn’t been much detail on this.

One interesting tidbit about Bite the Bullet is that in addition to be released on modern platforms, it will also be released on the Sega Genesis. I’ve heard of games being released on retro consoles before, but I didn’t think a physical Sega Genesis release would be coming out in 2020, especially considering that the Sega Genesis Mini just came out this year. I guess it serves as a way to give fans the true retro experience they can’t get from newer consoles. For those who enjoy run and gun titles and don’t mind a few extra mechanics to manage for a deeper gameplay experience, Bite the Bullet is a game I hope you have an appetite for.

Bite the Bullet is expected to launch on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC in Q1 2020.

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