PAX Spotlight: Subscribe My Adventure

PAX Spotlight: Subscribe My Adventure

I’m a sucker for game that address social issues in a clever way, and Subscribe My Adventure certainly fits that bill.

A game being made by Tiawanese developer Gamtropy, Subscribe My Adventure is still very early in development, but shows an incredible amount of potential, and has some great foundations to build on

Subscribe My Adventure is an adventure RPG. The player will play as a live stream adventurer in a fantasy world like a Youtuber. Try to reach more subscriptions with live streaming while fighting monsters and experience different events.

First, Subscribe My Adventure has a fantastic basic premise: You are a Brave Adventurer in a Generic Fantasy Land where the King dies without an heir to the throne. Thus, in a surprisingly democratic move for a monarchy, the most popular Hero Of The Land will be choose as the new regent. What’s the best way to become the most popular Hero Of The Land? Likes, Subs and Livestreams of course.

Before you set out on any adventure, you have the opportunity to craft not only your social media post announcing the adventure, but the adventure itself! You’re presented with a collection of hashtags and can combine as many or as few as you’d like to create the adventure you’ll be live streaming. Some are straightforward, like “#forest” to determine the location, or “#normal” to determine the difficulty.  Others are a bit more mysterious, such as “#epicchest” or “#featinfluencer” which might give you an opportunity to do a particularly worthwhile unboxing video, or a collab to gain a bunch of new followers.

This system is fantastic because it allows the player to create their own difficulty and risk. Maybe you want to go for something brutal early on to get a bunch of follows fast, or maybe you’re okay taking things slow and waiting to cash in on meeting other famous stream-venturers later on when you’ve got more followers to take advantage of that. It’s up to you the player, and I love that.

The adventure itself is the weakest part of Subscribe My Adventure currently. Each adventure is a simple energy and health management game, with a series of enemies to bash over the head or random encounters to resolve. Everything works well, but doesn’t feel particularly different.

That is except for the art style. The aesthetic of the game is fantastic, a mix of tongue in cheek references to social media in the UI and a hand drawn whimsy like something out of children’s book.

This was just an early look at Subscribe My Adventure, but I think there’s some real potential in this game. I particularly hope that this game keep on the track of shinning a light at some of the ridiculousness of our current obsession with social media, which seems all too ripe for satire

Currently, Subscribe My Adventure is estimated to be released in 2019 on iOS and Android

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