PAX Indie Spotlight: West of Loathing

PAX Indie Spotlight: West of Loathing


West of Loathing is one of those games you didn’t know that you needed: a sarcastic, stick figure RPG set in a very strange version of the Wild West.

West of Loathing isn’t a gimmick either: It’s a dense RPG with lots of cows to rustle, posses to form, and six shooters to six shoot. It just all happens to be in a stick figure style that only adds to the humor.



West of Loathing is a single player slapstick adventure RPG set in the Wild West of the “Loathing” universe — a new game in development by Asymmetric, the folks behind the popular long-running online game The Kingdom of Loathing.

It’s basically a stick-figure Skyrim with beans and big hats.

West of Loathing starts like all RPG’s start, with character creation. You’ll have the choice of three character classes, each a twist on the standard:

Instead of a Warrior, you can be a fierce Cow Puncher.

Instead of a Mage, it’s a mysterious Beanslinger.

Instead of a Rogue, it’s a sneaky Snake Oiler.

It was at this point I knew I was going to love this game.



Then, you’re off on your adventure west, leaving behind you’re family farmstead, and journeying to Boring Springs, where you find a host of characters with quests to complete, problems to solve, and horses to find.

Each location is choke full of little hidden secrets and hilarious moments, many of which not only reward you with items or XP, but have a surprising amount of synergy with the world. For instance, I brought a cactus man a newspaper (because he was bored and wanted to read something obviously), and he told me where I could find a shovel (behind the outhouse near the mines, again, obviously). That gave me the ability to clean up the cow pies littering the streets of Boring Springs, netting me a tidy bit of XP.


Inevitably, you’ll get into situations where you’ll be putting up your dukes and fighting someone, be it a bandit, a giant snake, or a skeleton Calvary men. Combat in West of Loathing is a classic turn based affair. You’ll select whether to use your main attack, shoot, or use an ability against an opponent. You also will acquire different consumable items, like dynamite or certain types of booze that may help, but beware: I found many exchanges in the world that made use of items you might think were only combat items. There’s an incredible amount of opportunities to use items and abilities in West of Loathing, both inside and outside of combat, which really rewards the form of kleptomania we all seem to give in to while in RPG’s.



I really cannot stress how much I enjoyed West of Loathing’s sense of humor. Explaining it would be a bit like explaining a joke, and ultimately I’d not do it justice, but lets just say if you’re a fan of dry, sarcastic humor, you’ll be more than entertained.



West of Loathing was successfully Greenlit last year, and is expected to be released in 2017.

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