PAX Indie Spotlight: Induction

PAX Indie Spotlight: Induction

Induction hurt my brain. It still hurts my brain, but there is no question that the game is brilliant. Created by Bryan Gale, Induction is a puzzle game that tackles the ideas of time travel and paradoxes in a very cool, logical way. The rules are simple: you repeat exactly what you did. Your goal is to use this to use these rules of time travel to cross bridges, move keys to keyholes, and exit the puzzle.

Your brain is going to hurt. That’s good.

[Induction] kind of comes from trying to reverse engineer the time travel we see in movies…I wanted to do something were you had a very solid model of how time travel works, and explore the consequences coming out of that. Your main ability is to jump back in time, and then you have the ability to cooperate with your past self. It becomes more complicated later on when you have to alter what happened the first time around. You’ll be creating weird paradoxes and time loops.  – Bryan Gale, Creator of Induction


Induction has a great, simple visual style that doesn’t distract from the complexity of the puzzles or steal the show. This game is about the mechanic; pure and simple. Bryan is very focused on the logic and code behind the game, and when we talked with him at PAX, it was clear his focus was on exploring this concept and pushing it as far as it could go in a precise logical manner.

The biggest issue I’ve encountered is people understanding the game. I mean, my first showing, it was way way more complicated. Right from the very start I was having people jump back in time as many times as they wanted. In my mind, mulling it over I was saying ” yeah this is so so simple.” No one else sees it a simple as I do. It’s kind of sunk in now that people will find it harder than I have. In each puzzle I am trying to do one very clear thing. Very short, Very focused. One lesson behind each puzzle. – Bryan Gale, Creator of Induction



Induction is hard, there’s no doubt about that, but that’s good. There should be stupidly hard games out there. I liked having my brain hurt when I played Induction. It was a good hurt. It made me think in ways I don’t normally, and that’s a pretty great thing for a video game to be able to do.

Induction will be releasing on PC, Mac and Linux in 2016.

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