PAX Indie Spotlight: Hacktag

PAX Indie Spotlight: Hacktag

Hacktag was one of the games that I didn’t expect to sat PAX East. I didn’t even have the game on my schedule, but after looking at TumbleSeed was approached by the developer.

Hacktag is a fantastic cooperative game, with mechanics that invite teamwork, offering two different ways of seeing the game world and playing the game which combine to create a cinematic spy experience.

Still not sure why the people are cats though…



Hacktag is a unique two player cooperative stealth game. The player and his partner perform missions as the on-field stealth agent or the hacker assisting him from his computers. The asymmetrical gameplay and the procedurally generated levels are designed to make the players feel like they are in a unique heist or spy film adventure. Thanks to a personalized screenplay structure, each player will live and share a unique scenario with his own secondary characters and personal climaxes.

Piece of Cake Studios is focused on creating purely cooperative games, which is a focus I applaud and invite. There are tons of open world games that have incidental cooperation, but few games that make the cooperation between parties a necessary and focal part of the game.




Having two players seeing different sides of the same cooperation adds a nice level of replayability and variety, where you wont always have to be sneaking around an office space, but can instead take to the net if that strikes your fancy. The reliance of each character on each other is another part of the game I particularly like. The example I was given revolved around what happens when you get caught by a guard.



You’re unable to actually take out any guards in Hacktag, instead having to flee and try to hide. When a guard catches site of the field agent, there will be a lock down, and it will be up to the hacker to immediately drop what they are doing and create a path of unlocked doors for the field agent to flee through, while also trying to slow down the guards. There’s a nice balance of trust and cooperation that I’m eager to try again.



Hacktag is playable either in split-screen local coop, or in online multiplayer coop, which is fantastic, meaning there’s no barrier to prevent you and your friends from teaming up.

Hacktag is currently in development t the alpha stage, and was recently successfully greenlit.

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