PAX Indie Spotlight: Flamingo

PAX Indie Spotlight: Flamingo

I first found Flamingo! at the Boston Festival of Indie Games in 2014. Immediately, I was intrigued. A bold graphic style drew me in to an incredibly fun multiplayer game that pits one set of animal desperadoes against another in a Mexican standoff. The rules are simple, the execution phenomenal and the game can lead to some absolutely hilarious situations. It’s just plain fun.

Flamingo! was created to offer a deep multiplayer experience in 60 seconds. The mechanics were designed to be concise and accessible while carrying unexpectedly strategic gameplay, dramatic swings in advantage, and incite the sensation that you can do better. Michael developed the initial prototype in Gamemaker while Eddie wrote the game engine from scratch. Now all efforts are focused on getting classy art and polishing up the experience.

The game is incredibly fast to play, with some matches lasting only a minute, but you’ll be begging to play “best out of 5”, then “best out of 11”, and so on and so forth. The random nature of which kinds of bandits you’ll get and how many banks there will be to have to worry about keep the game interesting and fresh, though it’d be great to see a little variety in the map layout.

The addition of new animations, cutscenes, and quotes gives the game an incredible amount of character that’s quite simply a joy to see. It’s hard to play Flamingo! with cracking a smile, and more often than not you’ll be grinning from ear to ear.

Flamingo! has been Greenlit on Steam, and will be coming to PC, Mac and Linux.


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