PAX Indie Spotlight: AVARIAvs

PAX Indie Spotlight: AVARIAvs

AVARIAvs was another one of the game’s we saw at Playcrafting’s PREGAMERS event the night before PAX East got underway. A blend of fantasy, science fiction and JRPG combat, AVARIAvs is an incredibly unique idea, with enough polish and vision even at this early stage to show the potential to deliver on its goal of making a competitive JRPG.



On AVARIA, emotions are dangerous. For the Hume, feeling the wrong emotion might cause an explosion or start a pandemic. For the Eoni, feeling any emotion at all could strip you of your immortality. It’s in this world that a plot is brewing among the Hume: a plot that, if fulfilled, will leave only one race standing. Kacper and his friends must dive into a world of technology, magery, politics, and ethical ambiguity to stop an almost unthinkable horror: the world’s first genocide.

Explore the 3D world of AVARIA and do battle with the HEL – the Hume Emancipation League – in sleek, dramatic battles. Then, take the fight to your friends in PvP using one of the first JRPG combat systems designed for skill-based competition.

AVARIAvs is tackling a very cool, and very odd idea, all at the same time: bringing JRPG combat into the realm of competitive tournament style PVP. Quite honestly, from the short time I’ve spent with AVARIAvs, there’s definitely potential.

AVARIAvs feels really good, both as a competitive PVP game, and as a single player experience. Combat is immediately recognizable to anyone who has played any JRPG’s in their time as a gamer: turn based, where you build focus over time to unlock new abilities and attacks. AVARIAvs ditches the classic menu style for a radial menu that makes the entire thing feel slick and modern. It’s easy to understand, but there’s enough depth even at this point to keep things tactical and interesting.



AVARAIvs also drew me in aesthetically. The world being created in this game is unique and dense, a mix of science fiction, fantasy that I found compelling. The art is incredibly well developed even at this early stage, and the game does a fantastic job of alluding to a larger world, so even if you’re only seeing a slice of this universe, you know there’s a lot more out there.

AVARIAvs is currently in closed alpha testing. If you’d like to take part in the alpha and beta testing of AVARIAvs, there is a sign up available here, and more information on the game’s website.

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