Deadlock Alpha Dashes Onto Desura

5 Bit Studio’s impressive first person platformer Deadlock launches on Desura today with the latest build boasting several new features including a new dash powerup, additional level, and SpeedRun mode for the perfectionists out there. To celebrate the milestone, the Montre...

Giant Robot Game Night To Feature First Look At Hyper Light Drifter

The folks over at Giant Robot in LA will provide Game Night attendees with one of the first, if not the public premier of Heart Machine’s Hyper Light Drifter, the beautiful 2D Action RPG that took Kickstarter by storm this past October. Also in attendance, and surely not to...

Fiz: The Brewery Management Gets Approved, Trailer

Getting approval from Apple isn’t always the easiest as several developers often find themselves submitting more than a handful of times due to the tiniest of things. However, according to a Kickstarter update from Bit By Bit Studios, Fiz just so happens to have passed insp...

Harebrained Schemes Announces Shadowrun: Dragonfall

Today Harebrained Schemes studio announced Shadowrun: Dragonfall, the official title of the expansion to Shadowrun: Returns. The new expansion, planned for January 2014, will take place in The Free City of Berlin with an all new campaign and cast of Runners. SHADOWRUN: DRAGONFALL...

Kickstarter Watch: Night in the Woods

"Night in the Woods", the 2D side-scroller being made by Infinite Fall, has achieved 352% of its original funding goal on Kickstarter.

Second Trailer for The Forest Terrifies

The second trailer for The Forest by SKS Games has me excited, terrified, and distrubed all at the same time. That's a good thing, by the way.

Linux Build Of Shadowrun Returns Now Available

Harebrained Schemes just announced that a Linux version of the their sci-fi strategy RPG Shadowrun Returns is finally out of beta and ready for release. Also mentioned in the update, all available platforms (PC, Mac, Linux) will receive simultaneous updates, so no more waiting ar...

Q&A with The Long Dark

Raphael van Lierop, creative director on The Long Dark, answered a few questions about this indie survival game, just off a successful Kickstarter.

Interview with Scott Thunelius of DarkForge Games

An interview with Scott Thunelius, wearer of many hats at darkForge Games, and one of the minds behind their first game, Nekro.

Neverending Nightmares Interview with Matt Gilgenbach

After the successful completion of it’s Kickstarter funding campaign, we had the chance to ask Matt Gilgenbach about his Kickstarter, the game and much more.

The Indie RPG Bundle Offers Games, Helps Kids.

The Indie RPG Bundle, from Bundle-in-a-Box, is offering up more than a dozen games, paired with the ability to help charity and indie game developer.

It’s Raining Rockets This Week In SpeedRunners

The Tinybuild team behind SpeedRunners have once again found a terrific way to get people to playtest the hell out of their incredibly fun, hyper-competitive, multiplayer running game: unleash The Rapture.

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