The Stomping Ground Creates the Prestosuchus

Over the past few days, The Stomping Grounds twitch channel has been showing off the creative process behind the design of the Prestosuchus, one of the deadly dinosaurs in the game, which is currently in development.

Kickstarter Watch: Cradle by Mojo Game Studios

I’m a sucker for high fantasy. Always have been, always will. So, when I stumbled upon Cradle while perusing Kickstarter, I might have had a bit of an annurism and gone slack-jawed. As if a high fantasy setting wasn’t enough, the game looks gorgeous on top of that, an...

Anamorphine Gameplay Video, Amazing and Disturbing

Ultimately it's hard to describe in any full sentence without throwing in a smattering of adjectives and phrases that make you sound slightly baffled, drugged up and half off your rocker.

Guns Of Icarus Hits Humble Store, Provides Charity Bonus

MuseGames, the creators behind the steampunk success, Guns of Icarus, have decided to give a little more to charity in celebration of their Humble Store launch.

The Floor Is Jelly, And Finally Available

The eagerly awaited, and did we mention absolutely beautiful, game by Ian Snyder has finally made it’s way onto the Humble Store. The Floor is Jelly screams attention to detail as Snyder has spent nearly two years perfecting the look, feel, and physics of this stunning puzz...

DayZ To Add Tougher Zombies And Player Queues

DayZ Developer Dean “Rocket” Hall tweeted details on the latest patch that boasts additional items like the machete and a new backpack, while also targeting players who frequently combat log and server hop.

Steam Marines Updates With New Engineer Class

In the latest patch to Steam Marines, the team at Worthless Bums provided an all new class for players to tinker with in their tactical, squad-based, rogue-like game of delightful destruction. Marines get a new class to help them kick nasty robots and aliens off their ship –...

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number to Come Calling Q3 2014

Via Twitter this morning, Hotline Miami announced that their sequel, Hotline Miami2:Wrong Number would be coming in Quarter 3 of 2014

Shadowrun: Dragonfall Release Date And Trailer

For those hoping to have Dragonfall, the Berlin-based expansion to Harebrained Scheme’s Shadowrun: Return available in January, may have a little longer. According to the studio’s blog, the team required a few more weeks to debug and polish the new campaign after list...

Broken Age: Act 1 Officially Available On Steam

From the legendary Kickstarter nearly two years ago comes the Broken Age, the point and click adventure that made headlines, crushed campaign goals, and really brought the indie games scene to the forefront of crowdfunding.

The Repopulation’s Second Kickstarter Successfully Funded

Above and Beyond Technologies continues their crowdsourced funding push with their second Kickstarter campaign ending a over 350% to goal. The Repopulation, a sandbox MMORPG looks to have won over the hearts (and wallets) of those eager to get back into a Star Wars Galaxies-esque...

Starbound Patch Notes: Furious Koala

Starbound released a doozy of patch this morning, fixing numerous issues, adding tons more to explore and find, more to craft, and more randomly generated monsters to be confused and terrified by.

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