Tips For Devs: Getting The Most Out Of A Convention (Part 5)

The final part in our PAX East post-mortem-ish series is a mashup of a few things from free QA, to following up with visitors, harnessing analytics, and a few money saving tips I forgot to add in Part 4. It's true... caffeine does make me more forgetful.

Tips For Devs: Getting The Most Out Of A Convention (Part 4)

In Part 4 of our PAX East post-mortem-ish series we hope to help developers get the most margin, money and savings from conventions.

How To Work With Programmers

Bishop Meyers (Vacant Sky Awakening) has an excellent post on how to work with Programmers (aka: Engineers) during games creation.

New Super Time Force Screens and Gameplay

Although disappointingly quiet and not shown at PAX East, Super Time Force creators CAPY are back on the prowl as new screens and gameplay have hit the web the last few days. Here’s a collection of a few of the things we’ve seen pop up on radar: 50 Minutes of Gameplay...

Tips For Devs: Getting The Most Out Of A Convention (Part 3)

This time around we aim to help developers get the most attention, word of mouth, and butts in seats to play their game demo during an expo.


FRACT OSC is a unique game; unique enough even that I’m sure it’s going to drive a few people away. It’s not a game that everyone will like, and that’s probably part of it’s strength. FRACT OSC is a musical exploration game. If you don’t like e...

Tips For Devs: Getting The Most Out Of A Convention (Part 2)

Another article filled with semi-common sense logic cleverly disguised as oracle-like, mystical advice around how to wrangle in and win over the Media types at conventions.

Kickstarter Watch: Last Life

The balance between style and substance is always a delicate one. Style’s a great way to attract a new and curious audience, but without substance, you’re often unable to hold them. However, sometimes, style draws you in, and then the substance hooks you harder than t...

Tips For Devs: Getting The Most Out Of A Convention (Part 1)

You’ve got a convention booth and a game you’ve spent far too many sleepless nights working on… now what? Check out these tips on how to better your chances of coverage before the con even begins.

Unplugged: Post-PAX Indie Tabletop Spectacular

It’s been one week since PAXEast 2014. We’ve recovered, slept and wept over the lack of pure gaming awesomeness in our lives after 3 days of talking to devs, playing games, and uncovering hidden gems. For me, Sunday was a particular highlight, because I chose to focus...

Boston FIG Open for Submissions

Earlier Today, The Boston Festival of Indie Games announced that it was now open to submissions for the 2013 FIG, which will be taking place on September 13th: The Boston Festival of Indie Games (Boston FIG), presented by MIT Game Lab and Boston Indies, is now accepting submissio...

Playing Catch Up w/ Ghost of a Tale

When I first ran across some Alpha footage of Ghost of A Tale, I actually thought I had wondered upon something plucked from my childhood brain: a Redwall Video Game. What I saw first was a little anthropomorphic mouse, in a cute, medieval hood, wandering about a beautiful enviro...

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