Interview: Ben Myres of Nyamakop

Our Interview with Ben Myres, one half of Indie studio Nyamakop. We talk about the inception of Semblance, the challenge of building puzzle with multiple avenues for success and the how he approaches playtesting.

Spotlight: City of Brass

City of Brass is immensely fun to play, an Arabian Nights, Indiana Jones Roguelike full of gorgeous cartoony environments and characters, myriad traps and tricks, and the best feeling whip I've ever encountered

Maelstrom Out in Early Access Today

The Fantasy Naval Multiplayer ship em’ up Maelstrom is out on Steam Early Access today!

Spotlight: Above

Above was one of the games I was most looking forward to playing at PAX East 2018. The game puts you in the role of a young aspiring pilot, however you’re not taking to familiar skies. Some time ago, a great catastrophe struck this alternate version of Earth, and flooded th...

The Piano Releases May 24

I’m always up for twists on the Horror genre. Pure survival scare a second horror (a.k.a. Outlast) has never really jelled with me, but I’m a great fan of games that embrace the spooky with an interesting mechanic (DUSKERS), view point (Neverending Nightmares) or abil...

Spotlight: Joggernauts

Joggernauts is an auto-runner party game by Space Mace. Unlike other games in the auto-runner genre where all that’s needed is a press of a button or the swipe of a finger, this particular game has a twist. Joggernauts is a cooperative experience for two to four players and...

10tons Announces Undead Horde

10tons Ltd. are turning their attention to their next project; Undead Horde, an action RPG hack'n slash game where you'll be playing as a necromancer.

Interview: Nelson Sexton of Smartly Dressed Games

Our Interview with developer Nelson Sexton about Unturned's unique style, how it's changed over time, and what the impending 4.0 release might entail. We also discuss how Nelson got into making indie games and some of his inspirations.

IndieHangover @ PAX East

We're at PAX East!

Spotlight: The Basics Of Sacred Geometry

The Basics Of Sacred Geometry is a game about interactive 3D graphics and Unreal Engine 4 made by using engine content and engine tools only.

BFIG Submission Deadline Extended

The Digital & Tabletop Showcase Deadlines for this year’s Boston Festival of Inide Games has been extended to April 22. Every game accepted into the BFIG Showcase gets to show themselves off to the thousands of attendees at the annual festival taking place on September ...

Review: Ghost of a Tale

Ghost of a Tale is a gorgeous, nostalgic adventure in a richly realized world that oozes with the love the developer poured into it.

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