Q&A with The Long Dark

Raphael van Lierop, creative director on The Long Dark, answered a few questions about this indie survival game, just off a successful Kickstarter.

Interview with Scott Thunelius of DarkForge Games

An interview with Scott Thunelius, wearer of many hats at darkForge Games, and one of the minds behind their first game, Nekro.

Neverending Nightmares Interview with Matt Gilgenbach

After the successful completion of it’s Kickstarter funding campaign, we had the chance to ask Matt Gilgenbach about his Kickstarter, the game and much more.

The Indie RPG Bundle Offers Games, Helps Kids.

The Indie RPG Bundle, from Bundle-in-a-Box, is offering up more than a dozen games, paired with the ability to help charity and indie game developer.

It’s Raining Rockets This Week In SpeedRunners

The Tinybuild team behind SpeedRunners have once again found a terrific way to get people to playtest the hell out of their incredibly fun, hyper-competitive, multiplayer running game: unleash The Rapture.

LA Game Space Launches Experimental Game Pack Fundraiser

LA Game Space, a non-profit center for videogame art, design, and research has launched a new fundraising game pack featuring over 30 new games by diverse and award-winning creators.

Gaz Bushell On Why He’s Sticking With OUYA

An interesting blog post up on Gamasutra from Gaz Bushell, one of the developers behind the physics based playground title The Amazing Frog?.

Kickstarter Watch: Sunless Sea by Failbetter Games

Failbetter Games' 2D Steampunk-Naval exploration game set in the world of Fallen London, Sunless Sea. is nearing its Kickstarter Goal of £60,000.

Double Dragon Creator Joins River City Ransom: Underground Team

Conatus Creative team announced that Yoshihisa Kishimoto (Renegade and Double Dragon) has agreed to join the River City Ransom: Underground project

Girls Like Robots Postmortem Now Available

Ziba Scott, founder of Popcannibal, and artist Luigi Guatieri, give a postmortem of their indie title Girls Like Robots.

Hyper Light Drifter Surges Past Goal In 48 Hours

Hyper Light Drifter surges past Kickstarter goal on the backs of a well produced gameplay trailer and the help of thousands of eager fans.

PAX Prime 2013 Indie MEGABOOTH Setup Time Lapse

The evil minds behind the Indie MEGABOOTH have an excellent time lapse video of all the Indies setting up at PAX Prime 2013 held earlier this month.

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