Ooblets Dance Battles Detailed

Ooblets Dance Battles Detailed

I think pretty much everyone currently writing for IndieHangover is excited for Ooblets. While normally our Most Anticipated Games of 20XX lists are a varied collection of titles, Ooblets was in the honorable mentions of two of our contributing writers, and I know if could have easily made it for at least two more if not for a push for variety.  Up to this point, most of the hype surrounding Ooblets has been drummed up thanks to the games adorable art and concept.

However, this past weekend, alongside PAX West, the game’s battle system was finally revealed, and it’s just as cute and clever as everything else in Ooblets.


Originally, battles in Ooblets were very similar to classic Pokemon battles. You had a team of ooblets, and each ooblet had their own attacks and abilities. Each of these had it’s own cool down, and you could only use one of these abilities per turn. As mentioned in the blog post, as soon as playtesting began, problems were identified that essentially made the system less fun.

So now, we have dance battles!

Dance Batttles are conceptually similar to the original system, but have moved to the modern trend of card-based combat, and ditched cooldowns in favor of action points.  In each round of the Dance Battle you have a number of Beats. This is your “mana”, your combat resource.  You’ll have a hand-full of different moves and attacks, each costing their own amount of beats. Spend you beats on the attacks you want to use: pretty simple!

The biggest change is probably how you get the cards in your hand each round. The card in your hand are tied to the moves your ooblets know. Now, if each ooblet knows between 2 and 5 moves, and you’ve got a team of three ooblets, that could be a hand of 15 cards, which seems a bit large. the solution that the team behind Ooblets has come up with is brilliant.

During battles, all the moves your participating ooblets have learned are combined into one big deck, which you then draw your hand from. Along side this, the ooblets have been training hard, and their move set has increased, up to a maximum of 15 moves, giving you a TON more moves, attack and abilities to draw. In fact, you’ll have so many abilities to play with that it’ll be entirely possible for you to not get moves from certain ooblets on a given turn, adding an element of chance and luck-of-the-draw. While the current hand size is set at three cards, the devs have already confirmed that some moves will let you add more moves to your hand.

There’s a phenomenal foundation here, and we haven’t even talked about how the crop system in game can be used to upgrade your moves, or the game’s take on status effects! If you want to learn more that head on over to the Ooblets blog and give it a look!

You can also follow and wishlist Ooblets on Steam now if you want to be kept in the loop!


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