Nine-Minute Preview of The Elder Scrolls Online

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As the Elder Scrolls Online continue to move forward in its development, we’ve finally reached a point where we can see some hard footage, and know what to expect.

Zenimax and Bethesda have released a nine minute footage reel as part of their first press event. It full of sweeping landscapes, character models in action and, most importantly, a look into the teams design philosophy.

There’s a lot of good things being said here, and things look properly (particularly the combat system). The chance to level up a character almost exactly as we did in Skyrim and Oblivion in an MMO is an incredible idea. I for one cannot wait to role an Argonian Mage in Medium Armor wielding a Shield.  Being able to dynamically grow your character would be fantastic, but it does push against the convention of leveling which most MMO players are used to The idea of one Mega-Server is also pretty impressive, but at this point these are all promises. I also feel a little sad that server communities wouldn’t have a chance t grow as they have in WoW, GW2 and so many other games.  Many good things have been said about many bad game during the development stages, and it is always healthy to have a little skepticism at this point. 

I’ll eagerly anticipate any betas that come down the line to see this game in action.

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