New “Traditional” Mode coming to Defragmented

New “Traditional” Mode coming to Defragmented

Defragmented continues to add more and more content post-release. Later today, we are expecting an entire new way to play the game to be show up in the game. Detailed both on the Steam Community page, and on twitter, the Glass Knuckle Games Team has been working on a more traditional, ARPG mode that won’t be quite a fast paced and twitch reaction based. There intention is to open up Defragmented to even more people that may not like the high stress, super fast gameplay presented in the standard Defragmented game:



As we continue rolling along, we’re always on the lookout for more ways to improve the game for everyone. While games obviously cannot appeal to all demographics, we do have the tools available to add in optional features for a wider audience.

In this vein, the next major update will bring the introduction of “Traditional” mode. In character creation, the player will be informed of two modes that will considerably affect combat for that profile. Choosing “Defragmented” mode will play exactly as the game does now. However, “Traditional” mode hearkens back to old-school Action-RPGs where both players and enemies can soak up loads of damage and let the numbers game play out. This provides a less stressful, more tactical experience – as opposed to the current lightning-fast gameplay. This new mode should feel more familiar (and less punishing) to long-time ARPG fans.

Of course, we also have some smaller changes that will be released with the new version as well. Some tweaks to healing items and Deal-EO World leveling – to name a few.

We plan on releasing Version 1.2.0 on Monday, March 21st sometime in the afternoon EST. Stop by then for full patch notes!


Personally, I think this is a fantastic idea. The hectic chaos of the original game mode is fantastic, but isn’t exactly relaxing. Having this option is a great move on Glass Knuckle Game’s part. as it will only get more people to give Defragmented a try.


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