New Heliophobia Website Launches

New Heliophobia Website Launches

Earlier today, Glass Knuckle Games unveiled a new website with some new mysterious features that are sure to get eager fans excited and conspiracy theorists intrigued.

Okay, so maybe I’m describing myself, BUT I’m really enjoying the mystery surround the information leaks that are coming out bit by bit about Heliophobia.


As Heliophobia moves along in development, we have spent the past few weeks revamping with new content! We’re excited for you all to find out what lurks in the  dark corners of our city. Follow the link to discover hidden secrets about the twisted world of Heliophobia. Join the experiment…

Originally, as we noticed after Heliophobia’s announcement in June,  there were 4 links to images under the “Classified” Heading. 001 has been renamed Gemini, 002 is now marked Hidden, and, 003 and 004  lead to the same distressed images. Now we have a Journal entry that seems to breathe, IMG-005 of a neon “Chinatown” sign,  and a Police Log detailing criminal activities in Chinatown surrounding a Gao Feng.





Additionally, when return to the main page, the words “Don’t Look Back”,  “Fear the Sun”, “Don’t Trust Them” and “Run….Hide” flash on screen for a moment. There could very well be more messages to find hidden in this website.

If you ask me….this is too cool. We cannot wait to find out what is really going on here.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve found anything else of interest that we missed on the new Heliophobia website.


UPDATE#1 – Page Source Information.

Some interesting notes hidden in the Page Source Code for the different web pages:

  • Main Page: <!– Can you remember a time before you lived in this city? –>
  • Gemini: <!– All will be revealed in time… –>
  • IMG 003: <!– Hiding place… –>
  • IMG 004:  <!– R. Allen has answers… –>
  • Journal: <!– “Good” and “Bad” are just perspectives –>
  • IMG 005 “Chinatown”: <!– Getting warmer… –>
  • Police Report: <!– Ruling Chinatown with an iron fist –>

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