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Exciting cross-platform news for Harebrained Scheme’s Necropolis today; though slightly delayed to this Summer, the game will be launching on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One:

Way back at PAX East last year, we caught the attention of BANDAI NAMCO, the publisher of Dark Souls. They thought it would make a perfect companion game for Dark Souls fans, and we thought NECROPOLIS was a perfect fit for consoles. It’s a great partnership and we’re really excited to have an established publisher help our independent studio bring the game to consoles.

So now, NECROPOLIS will ship on PC, PS4, and Xbox One this summer. We’ll let you know the exact date in the near-future.

Now, the even better stuff: In the post sharing this information, Harbrained dropped a TON of GIFs, and released a new trailer for the game! See them below:










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