Necropolis Adds Free Brutal Edition Update

Necropolis Adds Free Brutal Edition Update

Harebrained Studios has released their first major update for dungeon crawler Necroplis.

Titled the Brutal Edition, this update is free for all those who already own Necropolis, so it may be time to fire the game up and check out what new terrors and treasures await.



The Brutal Edition Update brings with it two major new features, and a number of additions and improvements:

The Brute: a formidable new player character
The Black Forest: an all-new wintery outdoor biome to explore
– Deadly new enemies and improved AI behaviors
– More environmental variety with new traps and gameplay
– New weapons, new armor, potions, scrolls and more!!

It’s great to see more content coming for @NECROPOLIS_game, and I hope we continue to see more. The core mechanics of Necropolis are superb, and the random nature of the dungeons and encounters is great fun, but the game is definately in need of more variety in terms of character options and environments. This first update has addressed those two needs nicely.

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