Multiplayer Party Pack Available Today

Multiplayer Party Pack Available Today

Steam can be a bit…overcrowded…these days, particularly if you’re searching by the “Indie” tag. A stupid amount of games come out every day, and while a large number of them are asset flips or cash grabs, there are a tons of excellent games that is all too easy to miss.

Fear not! A bunch of indie developers grouped together and the Multiplayer Party Pack is out today, showcasing some of the best multiplayer indie games that have come out during the past year or so.  The full pack includes Duck Game, Ultimate Chicken Horse, Move or Die, Stick Fight: The Game and INVERSUS Deluxe.  Every signle one of those supports up to 4 players local or online.

Each game is heavily discounted until March 30th at 10:00 AM for Midweek Madness, and purchasing the full packwill give you an additional 20% off, so this really is a prime time to buy.

The full Multiplayer Party Pack is under $29, and has a normal value of $62.95.

Here’s a break down of the games individual prices and discounts:



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