Mortido Launches IndieGoGo Campaign

Mortido Launches IndieGoGo Campaign

Russian Indie Game Company Corner Stuidos has launched their IndieGoGo Crowdfunding campaign for Mortido, a surreal adventure game taking place in the afterlife. Though the game is only in it’s alpha stage, there’s an incredible amount of world building in place, and the art style and design is incredibly imaginative.



Mortido is the story of seven people, who has the life with easy and not always correct decisions…who are completely different from one another…story about 40 days long path of the human soul after death. The aim of the game is to face the Judgment Day and learn the decision about one’s further existence. “Live in the here and now, but remember about death,” we remind you. “Remember about death in order to preserve life!”



There is an Alpha version of the game available for free that can be download here, so there’s no reason not to try it out and see if it’s something you’re interested in supporting or not. The demo is very typically surreal; very little is explained (narrative, not mechanically) and there’s ample mystery to get lost in.

Visually, even in this early stage, Mortido is gorgeous and wonderfully different. The characters are wild and varied from dark forgotten souls, to bone covered enemies, to strange friendly looking guardians.

While there aren’t many mechanics at play in standard exploration and interaction, the brief bit of combat you get to experience is fast paced, beautifully animated, fluid and furious. I really didn’t expect to be so amazed by the brief bit of combat you get in this demo, but it has me eager to try more.

I recorded my first playthrough of the demo, so if you’d like to simply watch and see what Mortido is about, feel free to give it a look:



The crowdfunding campaign is looking to raise $55,000 by the end of the month long funding period.

If you’d like to learn more about Mortido or the people behind it, head over to the IndieGoGo page.

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